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Solar waterproof breathable application

Date: 2016-08-07
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In the solar photovoltaic industry, since photovoltaic system equipment is exposed outdoors for a long time, the conditions are very harsh. In order to protect the electronic products used in the system - the junction box is not affected by it - the terminal box is usually sealed. Due to the sealed state, the junction box that is used for a long time outdoors is subjected to temperature fluctuations and the effects of wind, rain, and sunlight. Rapid temperature changes due to heat generation of components and environmental conditions can cause sudden pressure changes inside the junction box. For example, rain and snow can easily cause a drop in internal temperature, forming a vacuum of 200 mbar (3 psi) in the junction box, causing extreme stresses in the housing seals and cracks in the junction box seals. If this happens, moisture, rain, and dust will enter the interior of the junction box. If it is not eliminated in time, it will have a corrosive effect on the internal components of the junction box, which will invalidate the function of the junction box. Even if there is no crack, in the humid air, due to the cold and heat of the air, the inside of the terminal box will also produce condensation. It is difficult for the condensation to be discharged under the fully sealed condition. How to solve the problem of pressure balance inside and outside the sealed enclosure and how to solve the problem of condensation in the enclosure? GOEL waterproof breathable products provide an optimal solution, that is "only need to install a waterproof and dustproof breathable film on the sealed housing, all problems can be solved. GOEL waterproof breathable film has three functions: Waterproof: 0.1-1.0 micron The micropores, which have a pore diameter less than 10,000 times that of water droplets, prevent moisture from passing through, effectively protecting sensitive parts, and avoiding liquid erosion, thus improving the service life of the product.Breathability: The pore size is 700 times larger than water vapor, allowing water to pass through while allowing water to pass smoothly. , It can effectively dissipate heat, prevent fogging on the inner wall of the product, and balance the air pressure inside and outside the space.The waterproof breathable membrane can make air freely in and out, make the pressure balance inside and outside the junction box, and it will not cause the seal ring to bear the pressure load for a long time and cause cracks due to failure. Condensation of the inside of the shell into water vapour and then discharged, while GOEL's breathable products can also prevent the entry of liquids and dust, play a role in waterproof and dustproof, and ensure the long-term use of electronic components in the junction box. The pore channels form a three-dimensional network structure within the membrane and the uniform dense pore distribution makes Dust barrier encountered, to achieve effective effect of dust, particles can capture the minimum 0.1 m degree of protection:. IP67.

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Solar waterproof breathable application
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