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  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
    Product Usage: This product is suitable for portable computers, mobile phones, to play a shock absorber, protection and does not affect the role of metal, but also can be used for backlight components on the display product components.
  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
    s the use of non-conductive material to isolate or wrap the live body to protect against electric shock. Generally refers to a material that blocks thermal, electrical, or acoustic passage, and is used as an insulating, non-conductive material. Cut off the current so that it cannot pass through. Insulation can be generally divided into gas insulation, liquid insulation, and solid insulation. In practical applications, solid insulation is still the most widely used and most reliable insulator. Materials with very high electrical resistance can be used for insulation, such as rubber, glass, mica...
  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
    Features:Breathable:The pore size of the micropore is more than 700 times that of water vapor, and while the sunscreen is in use, it allows the air to pass through smoothly, which can effectively dissipate heat, prevent fogging on the inner wall of the product, and balance the air pressure inside and outside.dust-proof:Microporous channels form a three-dimensional network structure in the membrane, uniform dense pore distribution, so that the dust encountered barriers to achieve effective dust-proof effect, the minimum can capture 0.1 micron particles. Protection class: IP67.
  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
    产品特性 1、产品为黑色(白色)防水透声膜,具有把声音传输过程中的声损失降至最低喇叭防水膜。2、中间薄薄的一层为蒲微防水膜,,边缘厚度为客户要求。  3、极强的背胶,能在苛刻的环境中应用。4、可依据客户要求制作不同样式、尺寸的产品。应用范围广泛应用于智能手机、三防手机、手机壳、对讲机、移动电脑、移动媒体播放器、蓝牙耳机、助听器、收音机等户外防水系列电子产品。对讲机、移动电脑、移动媒体播放器、蓝牙耳机、助听器、收音机等户外防水系列电子产品。
  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
    Dust net, filter net (cotton), non-woven fabric, tuning paper, punching net, metal net, etc.。Dust nets can be divided into polyester screens, nylon screens (white, yellow, black and other colors)。The air filter is mainly used for decoration of various products and to prevent dust from damaging the product so as to extend the service life of the product. Damping net is mainly used in the function of blocking air flow on electro-acoustic products to achieve the function of reducing the frequency, and can play a role in dust prevention。The tune paper and non-woven fabric are composed of oriented ...
  • Release time: 2018 - 01 - 24
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