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Shenzhen Goel Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012 and is located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen's most promising back garden, and covers an area of 1200 square meters. Is a company specializing in high-performance application materials solutions, dust-proof, breathable, waterproof sound-permeable, electromagnetic shielding, high-performance adhesive and precision die-cutting process. The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, communications, automotive, medical, High-tech cutting-edge fields such as food and consumer electronics have established long-term friendly relations with well-known domestic and foreign companies and R&D institutions. “Professionalism, Concentration, and Concentration” are the core business philosophy that the company has always been adhering to. The company has a number of technical teams and management backbones that have been in the industry for many years, and has many precision die-cutting machines and series of s...
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  • 2018 - 01 - 24
    Product Usage: This product is suitable for portable computers, mobile phones, to play a shock absorber, protection and does not affect the role of metal, but also can be used for backlight components on the display product components.
  • 2018 - 01 - 24
    s the use of non-conductive material to isolate or wrap the live body to protect against electric shock. Generally refers to a material that blocks thermal, electrical, or acoustic passage, and is used as an insulating, non-conductive material. Cut off the current so that it cannot pass through. Insulation can be generally divided into gas insulation, liquid insulation, and solid insulation. In practical applications, solid insulation is still the most widely used and most reliable insulator. Materials with very high electrical resistance can be used for insulation, such as rubber, glass, mica, fireproof bus, PP, PET, PC, PVC, barley paper, kraft paper, NOMEX paper, Mylar sheet and so on.characteristic:High insulation strength, excellent resistance to temperature and insulation, high withs...
  • 2018 - 01 - 24
    Features:Breathable:The pore size of the micropore is more than 700 times that of water vapor, and while the sunscreen is in use, it allows the air to pass through smoothly, which can effectively dissipate heat, prevent fogging on the inner wall of the product, and balance the air pressure inside and outside.dust-proof:Microporous channels form a three-dimensional network structure in the membrane, uniform dense pore distribution, so that the dust encountered barriers to achieve effective dust-proof effect, the minimum can capture 0.1 micron particles. Protection class: IP67.
  • 2018 - 01 - 24
    产品特性 1、产品为黑色(白色)防水透声膜,具有把声音传输过程中的声损失降至最低喇叭防水膜。2、中间薄薄的一层为蒲微防水膜,,边缘厚度为客户要求。  3、极强的背胶,能在苛刻的环境中应用。4、可依据客户要求制作不同样式、尺寸的产品。应用范围广泛应用于智能手机、三防手机、手机壳、对讲机、移动电脑、移动媒体播放器、蓝牙耳机、助听器、收音机等户外防水系列电子产品。对讲机、移动电脑、移动媒体播放器、蓝牙耳机、助听器、收音机等户外防水系列电子产品。
  • 2018 - 01 - 24
    Dust net, filter net (cotton), non-woven fabric, tuning paper, punching net, metal net, etc.。Dust nets can be divided into polyester screens, nylon screens (white, yellow, black and other colors)。The air filter is mainly used for decoration of various products and to prevent dust from damaging the product so as to extend the service life of the product. Damping net is mainly used in the function of blocking air flow on electro-acoustic products to achieve the function of reducing the frequency, and can play a role in dust prevention。The tune paper and non-woven fabric are composed of oriented or random fibers. They are a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials that are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, easily decomposed, non-toxic, non-irritat...
  • 2018 - 01 - 24
Wine is not only a kind of wine, but also a kind of life.
Wine is not just a drink, but also a life
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  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Server IO Interface (GL Series) Server Board Application (GL Thermal Pad) Server Chip Application (GL Thermal Pad) Server Chip Application (GL Thermal Grease) Server Board Application (GL Thermal Insulation Sheet) Server Chassis Cabinet Applications (GL Metal Springs)
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Smart wearable solution
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Smart wearable solution Power Battery Module Application (GL Series)
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Processing and assembly plan
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Adhesion of touch screens (Loctite 3192/3195/3193/5192) Cushioning and Sealing Foam (GL Series) Subassembly assembly (Loctite 438/HF 8000/HF 8600) Battery Bonding and Sealing (Loctite 438/3541/3542/R-513C) Camera Bonding (Loctite 3103/3540/3541/3542/5056/HF 8600) Assembly of connectors and internal injection molded parts (Loctite 331/7387/435/438/3050/HF 8000/HF 8600)
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    Automotive Solutions
  • Release time: 2013 - 11 - 30
    TP components Lens/ITO/LCD dispensing (Loctite PUR 3579/Loctite 3593) Adhesion between cover glass and ITO (Loctite LOCA)TP Bonding with Middle Frame Dispensing (Loctite PUR 3543/3577/3578/3579/3583/3593 or Loctite HHD 9391/9393) All metal battery cover assembly glued (Loctite HF 8150R/8000/8037) 金属装饰件点胶粘接(Loctite 3543/3577/3578/3579/3600/3546/3549) Metal decorative parts glue (Loctite 3543/3577/3578/3579/3600/3546/3549) Mobile Phone Screening Application (GL Series Omnidirectional Conductive Sponges) Waterproof Ripple Application (GL Series) CPU Application ...
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  • Release time 2018 - 01 - 12
    The golden chicken resigned from Weidian, and the jade dog was happy. Say goodbye to memorable 2017 and usher in a brand new 2018. On January 6, 2018, Goeer Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City hosted the 2018 New Year’s Party in the Dengshi Pigeon Restaurant in Longhua New District. The annual meeting was opened in the wonderful and sincere New Year speech of Mr. Yao Pang, General Manager of the company. The speech reviewed the hardships in 2017 and harvested fruitful results. At the same time, he proposed the company's development vision in 2018 and Steady business direction.In order to organize this annual meeting to achieve better results with more encouraging morale and deeper customer inquiries, we invited some of Goel’s customers and some of our co-operators to establish a solid fo...
  • Release time 2013 - 11 - 29
    智能手机和电视的发展趋势是朝着屏幕大、厚度薄且高度精细的方向发展,这就要求用来减震、缓冲和防水的胶带垫圈更薄、更轻、更韧,并能按照框架的形状进行 精密加工。GOEL产品优异的防水性、防尘性和超薄性,主要应对消费手机、电视、触摸屏等电子数码的超薄化和防水性需求。一、主要特点:1. 超薄性:0.15mm,支持产品的超薄化和小型化(可根据客户要求定制更薄厚度)。2. 防水性:压克力和聚乙烯PE都是防水领域的优质材料。压克力VHB系列的胶带具有更优异的防水性能3. 防尘性:优秀的防尘性能,可以防止细小的尘埃进入电子产品内部4. 防震性:具有优异的防震、抗摔功能,防止面板与框体变型,是防震、缓冲、抗摔的极佳选择5. 耐候性:在低温、高温恶劣环境下的稳定性及良好的耐候性6. 柔软性:压克力和聚乙烯PE虽然很薄,但很柔软,具有良好的压缩性能7. 模切性:具有良好的模切性能,方便精密模切加工二、防水系列产品1. 超薄防水PE双面胶带:厚度分别为0.15、0.20、0.25、0.3、0.4、0.5。颜色:黑色。2. 超薄防水PET双面胶带:厚度一般为0.3、0.4、0.5。由于PE上覆了一层PET,则这种胶带抗拉性和模切性能都很优异。3. VHB压克力胶带(3M VHB同类品):厚度为0.15、0.2、、0.25这三种。颜色分为白色和黑色两种。4. 亚克力胶带:厚度一般为0.2、0.25、0.3三种。这样的产品中间采用黑色PET基材,两边涂布VHB胶水。抗拉性、模切性、贴合性、防水性都非常优异。5.单双面黑色PET(麦拉):电视常用做屏蔽、遮光的功能和作用。客户可以根据产品特点挑选使用不同的手机和电视超薄防水胶带!
  • Release time 2017 - 06 - 02
    2017.06.02 pm,Shenzhen Goel Technology Co., Ltd. organizes fire drills
  • Release time 2016 - 06 - 03
    在 太阳能光伏行业,由于光伏系统设备都长期暴露在室外,条件非常恶劣。为了保障系统中使用到的电子产品——接线盒不受其影响,通常都将接线盒密封起来。因处 于密封状态,长期在户外工作的接线盒经受着温度波动以及风、雨、阳光辐射的影响,因部件发热和环境条件引起的快速温度变化,会导致接线盒内部出现急剧压力 变化。例如,雨雪天气很容易产生内部温度下降,在接线盒内形成200 mbar(3 psi)真空,使壳体密封出现极端应力,容易使得接线盒密封圈出现裂 痕。如果这样,湿气、雨水和灰尘都会进入接线盒内部,若不及时消除,将会对接线盒内部元器件产生腐蚀作用,使接线盒功能失效。即使不出现裂痕,在潮湿的空 气中,由于空气的冷热变化,接线盒内部自身也会产生凝露,这些凝露在全密封的条件下,是很难排出去的。如何解决密封壳体内外的压力平衡问题,及如何解决壳体内的凝露问题?GOEL防水透气产品提供了一个最佳解决方案,那就是“只需要在密封壳体上安装一个防水防尘透气膜,一切问题都可以迎刃而解 GOEL防水透气膜具备三大功能:防水:0.1-1.0微米的微孔,孔径小于水珠10000倍,使水分无法通过,有效保护敏感类部件,避免液体侵蚀,提高产品使用寿命。    透 气: 微孔孔径大于水蒸气700倍,防水的同时,允许空气顺利通过,可以有效散热,防止产品内壁结雾,平衡内外空间气压。 防水透气膜可以使空气自由出入,使接线盒内外达到压力平衡,不至于使密封圈长期承受压力负载而导致失效出现裂缝,还可以使壳体内的凝露化为水汽后排放出 去。同时GOEL的透气产品还可以阻止液体和灰尘进入,起到防水防尘的作用,保障接线盒内的电子元器件长效使用.防尘:微孔通道在膜内结成网状立体结构,均匀密集的微孔分布,使灰尘遇到阻隔,达到有效的防尘效果,最小可以捕捉到0.1微米的颗粒.防...
  • Release time 2016 - 06 - 03
    潜在问题:电子设备通常会接触灰尘或溅液。手机和其他便携式无线设备的使用环境一般比较恶劣,可能接触水和灰尘,从而损害敏感元件。解决方案:GOEL 防水防尘透气产品提供灰尘和溅液防护。GOEL防水防尘透气产品安装在设备端口上,能在设备接触灰尘、溅液以及暂时浸入水中时为设备提供压力排放和平衡功能。GOEL防水防尘透气产品为音响设备提供灰尘和溅液屏障,同时不会导致声音的传输性、完整性或质量有明显下降。此外,透气产品可防止各种日常液体侵入,如碳酸饮料和咖啡。Sinceriend防水防尘透气产品能够保持声音品质不变,同时提供美观的外罩,并针对上述要素构筑起一道防水屏障。 主要特性:一、防水防尘安全等级达到IP67二、微孔结构的膨体聚四氟乙烯透气膜具有以下特点:1).憎水、憎油2).促使湿气和蒸气散发3).极强的化学惰性4).不会脱落5).抗紫外线6).耐极端温度主要益处:一、采用透声材料,保证高品质声音传输二、凭借透气薄膜极高的透气量实现不断的内外气体交换,有效防止电池所释放的有害气体积聚三、有效防止凝露和显示屏结雾现象四、通过迅速实现壳体内外压力平衡来减小壳体密封条所承受的应力五、保护内部元器件不受污染物和日常生活中所使用液体的影响六、安装简便,为设计和生产带来极大便利
  • Release time 2016 - 08 - 07
    电磁波吸波片、吸波材料据 对电磁波的吸收原理?电波吸收材料可分为吸收型、干涉型、谐振型以及等离子体型4种吸收型材料主要由电介质材料(如钛酸钡瓷、铁电陶瓷等)、磁介质材料 (如铁氧体、羰基铁等)、电阻材料 (如炭黑、碳化硅等)或它们的复合材料加入适当的粘合剂制成。其中以铁氧体磁介质材料用得最多。利用这些材料在交变电磁场中的介质损耗、磁滞损耗和电阻损 耗?把入射到内部的电磁波能量转换成热能而被吸收掉。吸收型材料的优点是吸收频带较宽?但厚度与入射波的最低频率有关?对低频电磁波的吸收一般是依靠增加 材料厚度来实现?并常采用介电常数或导磁率随材料厚度均匀变化或梯度变化的多层结构干涉型材料由交叉叠置的电介质层(如塑料、橡胶等)和导电材料层组成? 利用电磁波的反相干涉作用?使入射波和从不同层反射回来的电磁波能量互相干涉而抵消为了获得良好的对消效果?使目标的反射回波接近于零要求干涉型材料的厚 度应为雷达四分之一波长的奇数倍。干涉型材料的吸收频带较窄而且对消效果与电磁波的入射角度关系很大?但在高频使用时材料厚度可做得很薄,谐振型材料由非 导电介质材料制成的多个吸收单元组成这些单元具有一定的尺寸和电磁特性?能对相应波长的入射电磁波产生谐振吸收?将各种尺寸的谐振单元适当组合可以获得宽 频带吸收特性。但这种材料制造难度较大因此较少使用。等离子体型材料由放射性同位素(如锶90、钋210、锔242等)和粘合剂组成涂覆于目标表面?使目 标表面附近局部空间电离?形成吸收电磁波的等离子区?用它作飞行器的反雷达涂层具有薄而轻、不影响飞行器性能、吸收性能好、吸收频带宽等优点电磁波吸收片 应用LCD萤幕医疗器材笔记型电脑、游戏主机通讯设备、无线辨识系统数位相机、数位相机摄影机行动电话、智慧型手机、PDA、PMP、GPS导航机  电磁波吸收片特点薄带状具清轻量及柔软性可弯曲不破裂可加工成各种形状?以利黏着...
  • Release time 2016 - 08 - 07
    In the solar photovoltaic industry, since photovoltaic system equipment is exposed outdoors for a long time, the conditions are very harsh. In order to protect the electronic products used in the system - the junction box is not affected by it - the terminal box is usually sealed. Due to the sealed state, the junction box that is used for a long time outdoors is subjected to temperature fluctuations and the effects of wind, rain, and sunlight. Rapid temperature changes due to heat generation of components and environmental conditions can cause sudden pressure changes inside the junction box. For example, rain and snow can easily cause a drop in internal temperature, forming a vacuum of 200 mbar (3 psi) in the junction box, causing extreme stresses in the housing seals and cracks in the jun...
  • Release time 2016 - 09 - 13
    Product performance parameters:1.Features of the filter: water inlet pressure 0.3bar/60sec  2, standard air permeability: 1200ml/min/cm2@1psi for heat dissipation;  3, protection class: IP68-168 hours without leakage and internal structure Change in substance; (Water pressure up to 0.2Mpa = 2 standard atmospheric pressure = 20m underwater environment)  4, Water vapor conductivity: 0.036 ± 0.001g/24h/ml (temperature 20 °C Test room humidity 100% rH Environmental humidity 45% rH ) Cooling and heat-resisting ventilation valve balances the internal and external pressure of the sealed box and solves the internal condensation performance: Significant effect;  5, Temperature resistance (DIN IEC 68-2-14, Na): Cycle test Period 400 Tdwell=20min, tchange6, anti-UV aging...
  • Release time 2016 - 10 - 17
    产品描述:戈埃尔系列中的室温固化导电胶是一种单组份硅树脂导电胶,具有优良的弹性、导电性和粘附性,起到优良的电磁屏蔽、接地和环境密封之效能。 特点和优势:●单组份,常温通过吸收水分固化●稳定的导电性能●适合各种导电基质●附着力强 应用:●基站RRU模块●光电转化模块●雷达设备●手持通讯设备●采用铸造成型的金属或塑料机壳的电子组件的封装产品详细 型号 体积电阻率(ohm-cm) 屏蔽效能(db)200M-10G 硬度(邵氏) 压缩变形(%) 附着力(N/cm²) 延展性(%) 抗张性(PSI) 阻燃等级(UL94) GL-005   0.005 70 40 10 200 45 80 V0 GL-003G 0.003 100 60 10 180 123 140 V0 GL-003 0.003 90 70 15 150 50 180 V0 GL-005G 0.005 100 60 15 150 110 192 V0
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